Sewer Repair and Repipe Services in Anaheim

Your sewer main is one of the most important components of your plumbing system. It links to the city sewer main or your septic tank so dirty water can be removed from your home in a convenient, hygienic manner. It certainly beats the chamber pots and water basins that many of our grandparents used! If something goes wrong with your sewer, you need to have it repaired immediately. Honest Plumbing Guys Anaheim are experts in solving all sewer problems so your home can stay safe and hygienic.

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Signs You Need Sewer Services
When your sewer breaks down or becomes clogged, you will notice signs right away – like sewage leaking into your yard, waste water backing up out of your drains, or terrible smells. Once this has happened, you’ve got a terrible mess to clean up and a health hazard. The goal is to fix sewer problems before they turn into disasters. Look out for these early signs of a sewer problem:

• Air bubbles in your toilet
• All drains in home are slow
• Water backups from basement drains
• Wet or greener spots in yard
• Bad smells from drains or in yard

The Three Types of Sewer Problems
Many things can go wrong with sewers, but these problems can be divided into three categories. It is important to understand what type of sewer problem you have because a different method will be needed to fix the problem.

1) Clogged Sewers
The most common cause of sewer clogs in Anaheim is tree roots which have grown into the sewer main through small cracks. The first sign of a clog in your sewer main is that you will have flow issues in all your drains, or problems with the drains in your home which are closest to the sewer (such as basement or toilet drains). You may experience backups or strange reactions, like water coming out of your bathtub drain when you run a load of laundry. The good news is that clogged sewer mains can be fixed quickly with a sewer clog rooter and/or sewer jetting services.

2) Cracked or Corroded Sewers
If you live in an older Anaheim home, your sewer may be very corroded. This makes it susceptible to cracks, which in turn cause sewage waste to leak into your yard. Other issues, like earthquakes, can also cause sewers to crack. Pay attention to whether you notice any bad smells in your yard, wet spots, or areas which are unusually lush. The goal is to catch the sewage leak before the sewer cracks open completely and causes a surge of waste to flood your yard! Cracked sewer mains do not always need to be replaced. They can be repaired using methods like slip lining. Your yard will not have to be dug up to repair a sewer main with slip lining.

3) Bellied or Misaligned Sewers
When sewer mains get very old and corroded, they can collapse completely. Other reasons that a sewer main may collapse, belly, or become misaligned are shifting ground, earthquakes, or damage from yard work. This is one of the worst things that can happen and the consequences are disastrous. Waste water won’t be able to leave your home through the sewer. It will instead back up into your home or flood into your yard. Until the problem is fixed, you will not be able to use your plumbing system – including toilets, sinks, showers, and laundry machines. We understand how serious broken sewer mains are and fix them promptly. We avoid digging up your yard and use trenchless sewer repair methods. Your yard is spared, the sewer repairs are made more quickly, and the cost is less. We can usually completely replace a sewer main within 24 hours.

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