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If you care about your home, then you don’t want old pipes to crack open and spill water all over it! Old galvanized pipes, copper pipes, and polybutylene plastic pipes must be replaced to avoid water damages and high homeowners insurance costs. At Honest Plumbing Guys Anaheim, we work closely with customers to help them understand their repipe options and find the right solution for your home and budget.

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Signs that Your Pipes Need to Be Replaced
No homeowner wants to replace their pipes. However, replacing your pipes can save you from costly damages, such as from flooding or leaks. Pay attention to the condition of your pipes so they can be replaced on time. We recommend having your plumbing inspected every 1 to 2 years, and be on the lookout for these signs it is sign to replace your pipes.

Stains Around Pipes: Some leaks are small and hard to notice. Look underneath pipes and inspect walls. If you see any stains or discoloration, it is a sign that there are leaks.

You Have Leaks: It is often possible to fix leaks with patch jobs, but this won’t solve the underlying problem of old, worn, or corroded piping. A leak is a sign that your pipes are at the end of their lifespan and need to be replaced.

Bathtub Water is Discolored: If you see brown, red, or yellowish water coming from your faucets, then the pipes are corroded. Corrosion will especially be apparent when you haven’t used a fixture for a while. So, pay attention to the color of your bathtub water after you have been on vacation or haven’t used that tub for a while.

Poor Hot Water Pressure: With old galvanized steel pipes, corrosion can build up. Hot water pipes corrode the fastest. So, turn on the hot water and see if the pressure is low. If so, then your pipes are probably on their last leg.

Materials for Home Repipe Services
There are three main materials which are used today for repipe services: copper, PEX, and CPVC. Each of these materials has its own pros and cons to consider.

Copper piping is common in many Anaheim homes. It has the benefit of being very strong and many copper piping comes with a 50+ year warranty. Other benefits include that it is naturally antibacterial, fire resistant, and is easy to fix. In earthquakes, copper will slightly bend but won’t break like plastic or steel pipes do. The downsides of copper for a repipe are that it is expensive and that it is still prone to corrosion, especially because of the hard water in California.

Note that there are many different types of copper. Some cheap copper piping comes from Mexico or East Asia and is recycled and contains dangerous impurities. There are also differences in copper thickness and softness. At Honest Plumbing Guys Anaheim, we use only quality copper piping for repipes and our skilled master plumbers know which type of copper to use where.

PEX stands for cross-linked polyethylene and is becoming one of the most popular materials for a home repipe. It has the benefit of being much cheaper than copper, is quiet, is easy to install, doesn’t require any soldering, and is flexible so often can be installed without tearing apart walls. The downside of PEX for a repipe is that it is still a relatively new product and hasn’t been tested over the long run. PEX is also unsuitable for outdoor plumbing and rodents can chew through it.

CPVC is a type of plastic piping and we don’t recommend it for more home repipes. It has the benefit of being cheap, fairly easy to install, and algae resistant. However, it is prone to cracking and can break open during an earthquake. In some cases, like when the water supply is highly oxygenated, CPVC might be a good choice.

Epoxy Lining for Repipe
One newer option for repipe services is to spray an epoxy lining into your existing pipes. The epoxy coats the pipes and seals off any cracks, holes or leaks. This might be a good solution in situations where you don’t want to break open walls to replace a pipe. However, the technology has only been used for about 10 years on residential homes, so isn’t as proven as other repipe methods like copper and PEX.

What to Expect from Honest Plumbing Guys Anaheim
Most homeowners learn that their pipes need to be replaced after experiencing several leaks. Many of our customers also come to us after their neighbors have had serious plumbing problems like flooding from leaking pipes, and decide to repipe to avoid this same problem.

Our Anaheim plumbers are licensed, certified, and insured. When we do a repipe job, we do it right! Our plumbers start by inspecting your existing plumbing system to identify problems and determine whether repiping is necessary. We take into consideration the architecture of your home when planning the repipe so we can avoid cutting into walls when possible. We understand that it is a hassle to be without water, which is why our teams use strategies which can get a total home repipe done in one day.

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