Repipe Plumbing Service Specialists in Anaheim, CA

Anaheim Plumbing Services offers complete home re-piping services. Whether you prefer sturdy copper pipes to replace older pipes in your home or the latest PEX piping, we can give your home or business and upgrade that is guaranteed for 20 years, but will likely last much longer. Our technicians have been installing new pipes for homes and businesses in Orange County and Anaheim for 10 years and we still strive to make every job better than the last. We don’t just pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, but also the professional workmanship that only our peers would appreciate. In the end, it’s all about quality – even quality that our customers don’t see hiding behind the drywall.

When doing a complete home re-piping project, make sure to budget for replacement drywall and paint. This process is a 2 part process that requires us to give you an inspection, determine where the water entry point is, and then determine the best route for the pipes. Once this is done, be sure to bring in a drywall and painting professional to give you an estimate for replacement. We want to make your job as non-invasive as possible, and to that end, we advise our customers to cover all of their bases in advance.

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