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You know how your sinks get coated with scale and grime if you don’t clean them regularly? Just imagine what is happening inside your drain pipes! Old drain pipes are often so dirty that they begin to close off and can’t handle waste water anymore. Keep your drain plumbing working as it should by having your drains professionally cleaned with water jetting.

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Signs Your Drains Need to Be Cleaned
Drain cleaning services are very different than clog removal services. With a clog, you’ve got some foreign matter (like toilet paper, hair, or grease) stuck in a drain. Clogs call for a plunger, plumbers snake, or a rooter. Drain cleaning services are used when you’ve got grime buildup coating your drain pipes. The drain pipes become so narrow that dirty water can’t exit. Some signs that you need drain cleaning services include:
• It takes multiple flushes to clear the toilet
• You stand in a puddle of water when taking a shower
• Drains are slow
• You have constant clogs even though you take care not to get debris in drains
• Your drain pipes have visible corrosion on them

What is Water Jetting?
Before, if your drain pipes were coated with debris, they would have to be completely replaced. A plumbers snaked might temporarily solve the problem, but plumbers snakes only tear holes through the center of a clog – they don’t get the debris buildup off the sides of pipes – so the clogs would just come back. Today, a method called water jetting is the most efficient method of getting entire drain pipes cleaned.

A water jet works in a similar way to a pressure washer. It looks like a hose with a 360 degree nozzle. Very high pressure streams of water come out of the nozzle. The water is able to clean buildup like scale, grease, and corrosion from the sides of drain pipes without using any dangerous chemicals. Water jetting is very effective and can completely clean drain pipes which were blocked. In some cases, it may be necessary to use a plumbers snake to get rid of very tough clogs before water jetting can be performed.

Sewer Jetting vs. Drain Jetting Services
When having your drain pipes cleaned with water jetting, we also recommend having your sewer main cleaned as well. While sewers don’t get clogged often, the results are disastrous when they do. You can experience waste water backup into your home, which can cause Category III damage – the worst category of water damage which is very costly to clean up. Sewer mains can also be cleaned with water jetting. The only main difference is that different nozzles may need to be used to break through debris in the sewer main (such as tree roots) and different levels of pressure.

What to Expect from Honest Plumbing Guys Anaheim
Water jetting is not something that you can do yourself and it should only be performed by experienced, licensed plumbers. Honest Plumbing Guys Anaheim are industry leaders in performing water jetting services. We have helped thousands of residential and commercial customers get their drains flowing again and avoid serious drainage disasters. We provide thorough work and even follow up drain cleaning with drain inspections to make sure you don’t have any cracks or corrosion issues.

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